Hello Friends,

It's been a very exciting time for me. I recently got engaged for the first time in my life! I am also helping my fiance fight childhood obesity through health camps and developing an interactive online site for children to stay active and attain their health goals. I have also been auditioning for a reality show based on my life so stay tuned!

I continue to have a very successful private group on Facebook called Stacey Halprin’s Food Group. Only the members of the group can see the posts. If you suffer from any eating or self esteem issues, I encourage you to join in. I also added two open groups for men and women: Stacey Halprin’s Total Beauty Group and Stacey Halprin's Treasure Hunt. In those groups, we talk about beauty from the inside out and how to adorn ourselves so fashion is fun and lifts our spirits. I invite you to join in on the beauty and food conversations.

Wishing you all health, happiness, love and beauty for 2014!

Stacey Halprin